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While the menu does tend to vary between countries, the basic menu board in the USA can be found below.

Basic menu board in San Antonio, Texas (and should be applicable to most US locations):

  • 1/4 Pound Plus All-Beef Hot Dog or Polish Sausage And 20 oz. Soda (with refill)
  • Chicken Bake
  • Slice of Pizza (combo, cheese, or pepperoni)
  • Whole 18″ Pizza (combo, cheese, or pepperoni
  • Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich
  • Berry Smoothie
  • Latté or Mocha Freeze

I haven’t had the time to add the prices to this page yet, sorry!

If you have pictures of your local Costco Food Court Menu, please send them to me! I’ll be able to list whatever interstate or international variations there are much easier.


11 Responses to “The Costco Food Court Menu”

  1. What is the cost of the ice-cream (any flavor)?

  2. multiberry says:

    wheres the multiberry sundae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not to mention the carne bake!

  3. Can you give me the nutrition/calorie info on your Polish sandwich with Kraut? Thanks. Linda

  4. Lourdes Garrison says:


    I need the nutrition/calorie etc on the turkey provolone sandwich.

  5. Barret Kelly says:

    How much fat and how many Calories in the turkey provolone sandwich?

  6. Celya G says:

    Please would you post the Pizza Menu for Torrance, CA? What the different menu options are please?

    Thank you,
    Celya G

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