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Hotdog Haiku #4

sesame seed bun

warm and toasty so quickly

joy you bring to me

Allons-y Y’all!


Hotdog Haiku #3

cold winter wind blows

warm hotdog, warm soul, makes the

cold wind not so cold

 Allons-y Y’all!


Hotdog Limerick #1

There once was a hot dog from Costco
Who quite loved the music of Zydeco
      The accordion blared
      The hot dog was scared
And that’s how he got on the stucco.

Allons-y Y’all!


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Many of you are probably Costco Warehouse members already, or even better yet, Executive Members! Some of you might be on the fence about joining Costco, although, that just sounds crazy to me… Why wouldn’t you want to be a Costco Member??? Anyways, I digress, besides the wonderful deals on quality, bulk items, a well laid-out and lit warehouse, and employees that are well-paid and ready to serve, there is the Costco Food Court. The coup d’etat coup de grâce of Costco Warehouse is the Food Court, and I want to share with you the Top 3 Reasons to Eat at the Costco Food Court.

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